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For a northerner like me, living in Houston is like living in hell, the heat
and humidity are killing me. Outdoor acitivities are limited to early mornings
or late in the evenings, then again mosquitto is another problem. I can
hardly run 2 miles here breathing the humid weather. And you can easily get
sunburn. Stay indoors is the only choice, but who wants to stay in an air
conditioned room 24/7?
The city is dirty messy crowded dangerous (the most dangerous area is the 3rd
and the 5th ward, sharpstown area (very close to chinatown) I heard. and the
landscape outside the city is nothing but boring flatness, there isn't much
for sightseeing. Except the island city Galveston is worth going, 50 miles or
so driving each way.
I lived in Hangzhou for a while and it was a very bad experience as well, felt
short of breath all the time. I guess for some people, humidity IS a health-
threatening problem, and I am one of the unlucky ones. So make sure you like
hot&humid weather before coming to houston.

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是啊 那里就是热啊~dallas更热呢 是狂热。。。。

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