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考场回忆及提纲 issue 89

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Claim: Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system. Reason: Laws cannot change what is in people's hearts or minds.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.


基本观点:完全不同意claim 同意reason  

第二段 从个人层面讨论法律可以通过提供incentive和disincentive来调整人的行为 举例包括冲红灯 酒驾  指出即使法律无法改变人的想法 只要能改变人的行为就能解决很多问题

第三段 从企业的层面讨论 法律可以通过提供incentive和disincentive改变企业经理人的行为 举例是逃税问题 通过罚款来减少逃税 即使经理不愿意交税 也得交

第四段 从政府的角度讨论 法律赋予政府权力 调配资源解决各种社会问题 举例是小布什的No Child Left Behind Act 其实对于那个Act我只知道这个名字 具体是什么完全不记得了  不过这些法案都离不开拨款 所以就说这个Act给联邦政府资金去帮助那些穷人读的学校  

以上三段都在最后部分提到reason 指出虽然法律无法改变思想 但可以改变行为 从而解决问题

写到这里本来可以结束的 但还有10分钟时间为了保险起见 加了第五段

第五段 既然法律这么牛 为什么还有这么多问题没有解决呢 问题不在于法律不能改变人的思想 而在于我们未能充分发挥法律的潜能 unleash the potential of the legal system  

第六段 结束 同意reason 但不同意 claim 强调一下法律制度还有潜力可挖  

I agree that laws cannot always change people’s feelings or beliefs. Yet, laws can still solve many social problems by providing incentives and disincentives to alter people’s behaviors in the contexts of individuals, corporations and governments.

P2: Laws can be useful in solving social problems by regulating individuals’ behaviors through offering incentives and disincentives.
example: traffic laws that punish drivers who run the red light and those who drink and drive  

P3: The managers may also make rational decisions according to the constraints set by the laws.  

example: penalty for tax evasion  

P4: Laws may also provide the government with the power and resources they need to solve the social problems

The government needs the authorisation from the legislature to use the resources in different areas- No Child Left Behind Act  


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这篇我好像写了英文提纲? 还有这篇习作写得不好 就别贴出来了

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This topic is definitely a head-scratching brow-frowning one.

Why should it belong to in the group "challenge the authority"?
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