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Research for SMEs is a funding instrument used by the European Commission (EC) to fund out-sourced R&D for Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (SMEs) . The Idea - The proposed project revolves around the development of a short plastic syringe needle for sub-cutaneous injection of insulin for use by diabetics. The needle can be made by plastic-injection moulding. The novelty lies in the use of plastic and its ability to be easily rendered sharp-safe – thus preventing needle-stick injuries and spread of diseases amongst, for example drug addicts and victims of AIDS. Research – As this project is focussed on solving a problem faced by SMEs you will need to find a definition of an SME and then discover what populations of SMEs (these can be companies, clinics, GP practices, plastic injection moulders, mould tool makers, sterilisers and packagers, etc.) will be impacted by the development of the new technology. Guidence for your writing: 1. The issue / problem / need is… Think of both the problems faced by the SME industry and the problems/needs of their customers 2.SO JUST SORT IT THEN.  But we can’t, because of these limitations…Why can’t the problem be solved by what currently exists on the market? 3.Therefore we have a new idea, which is…Describe the top-level concept given to you in the internship challenge document 4.Our new idea would solve…Explain how the new concept would meet the needs described in the first point 5.SO JUST DO IT THEN.  But we can’t yet, because of these barriers…Why can’t we just go ahead and make this, now that we’ve had the idea? 6.Therefore we MUST have a R4SME project, To Produce (our new idea – specifying key innovations)… By Developing (new things to remove the hurdles – Technical Objectives)… After Discovering (new knowledge to allow us to Develop the things – Scientific Objectives)… 大家写好后贴出来互相修改修改哦。这个挺重要的。

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i like it
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