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[未归类] 英语六级阅读:香蕉的八大功效 [复制链接]

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Shoe Or Silverware ShinerYou just ran out of shoe shine just when you need it for a job interview. Not to worry. When you’re finished with your breakfast banana, don’t throw out the peel. Remove the stringy material from the inside, then rub the soft inside of the skin all over your shoes. When done, buff it up with a soft cloth or paper towel (More tips on how to shine shoes). The same technique can be used for silverware. Some even claim that it works on leather. Test in on a small area of the leather first, though, just to be on the safe side.


Neglected houseplants can become dusty and worn out overtime. Instead of spraying water on them and spreading the dirt more, just use the banana peel to wipe the leaves down. Wipe the soft fleshy skin all over the green leaf surface to remove the gunk. You’ll be left with shiny and healthy-looking plants.


Wart RemedyWhite vinegar and creams can effectively dry out a painful and unsightly wart, but when these remedies are not available, a banana will work. Mash up some and apply all over the affected area. You can also use the peel and rub its inside against your skin. Many say this plant's high potassium content somewhat removes this skin problem. The bonus? It's not even painful.Banana FacialFor an instant glow and to relieve dry skin, make a banana facial pack. It's soothing and it will moisturize your skin, making it soft and clean. Here's an easy recipe you can try.治疗疣毒


Materials:Two tablespoons of almond oilOne ripe bananaOne egg yolkProcedure:Mash the bananas in a bowl using a fork. Make sure you remove all chunky bits.Add the egg yolk and the almond oil and mix well.Wash your face and pat it dry with a towel.Apply the banana mixture to your face then leave it on for 20 minutes.Wash with cold water and pat dry.No more need to run down to the beauty store to buy gunk to put on your face. With this recipe, you?ˉll never need a botox ever!Aphids SolutionAphids that attack your rose bushes can be a headache. Cut up a bunch of banana peels, then bury them an inch or two around the plant’s base. The pesky suckers will soon say goodbye. A tip: never use the whole fruit, because animals and critters will dig them up and eat them. (For aphid extermination guide, read how to get rid of aphids)



Teeth WhitenerBananas are yellow, but surprisingly enough, they can help whiten your stained yellowish teeth. Rub the peel in circular motions all over your teeth everyday for at least two to three minutes. In a few weeks or months you'll see the results. Your dentist will be overwhelmed when she sees your sparkly whites.


Tenderize Roast MeatAfter using the fruit and the peel, you can now use the leaves. If you’re tired of eating tough beef or pork for dinner, then try wrapping them in banana leaves to make them tender. This also works for fish (as seen in many Asian delicacies). While cooking, adding a ripe banana also helps. It also adds a delicious sweet flavor.


Birds And Butterflies MagnetDoes your garden seem lonely without bees and butterflies buzzing around? Put out some overripe bananas with a few holes on a platform above head level. This will lure the insects to your garden. Just make sure it’s elevated, since this can also attract wasps, bees and little critters.With these clever methods, the banana will never again be left unused in the fruit bowl. Then again, you can always use it for a banana split or maybe to make a monkey very happy.


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